Dear Oiko, Seve, and everyone

I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the magic I’ve had in the amazing nature of Terramana for the past one month with all the beautiful people, and to share this love and light with everyone.

Sleeping in the embrace of mother nature, bathing in clear river and warm sunshine, drinking forest water, eating fresh vegetables and fruits, breathing universe energy, and meditating… I was cleansing my body and soul every moment, and discovering deep realization of my true self. I’ve gone beyond the general surface and deep into my consciousness, unfolding the half hidden stories and extracting the vagueness of miseries, step by step as I was decomposing the memories, bit by bit the rotten emotions evaporated, and my past my old self healed and liberated to a new life.

Before my departure, we had a special ceremony inspired by Seve’s vision, which has opened up my complicated feeling towards my family, and opened up my heart to expressing and receiving love.

This is the first time I eat raw food and live in a forest community, and I received much love and support and inspiration from Oiko and Seve. I feel strong connection with Seve when she gently touch my soul, seeing through my physical and emotional flow. And Oiko, I didn’t tell you that I feel very strong connection with you every time when you were only looking at me and smiling, it’s vast but it’s always there that I couldn’t point out a thing, but I know you know already.

For a short debrief, I have come home and hug or touch my sister, brother, mum and dad, they either moved away from me or pushed me away, but I see they were awkward on the face but smiling in the heart, and I’m not afraid of them anymore. People dislike it in their mind but love it in their soul that “indecent behavior” of mine!

For now I go on my path of life in its own direction. All the love and light that is with me will continue to grow and flourish and manifest, and my new life continue renewing, refreshing and rebirthing. I will keep on connecting with the universe, realizing my true self and shining beautiful energy onto every being around. And be with the oneness. Flowing and flowing and flowing, life!

With Love and Light
Angie Pang, a tiny human being in the Oneness Angie

Malaysia, Second participant, 1 month experience

Living in jungle Paradise eating raw fruits, vegetables and leaves and sharing the experience with a small tribe of like-minded people.

Was blessed for all the experiences…sometimes it was challenging because of the old patterns of my mind…but breaking through and opening my heart to the beauty of nature worth more than anything.

Thank you Terramana for being with me on such a magical journey of my soul!


Russia, 2 months stay

The humid air that use to stick to my skin is now a comforting moisterezer. I feel grounded again, I have lived through all the challenges and surprises encountered here. I now understood I couldn’t go on the way I did in the west when there… People can live differently, following their heart flow, their synchronicity, their body, the nature… people here do. I am so humbled be the wisdom people, nature and experiences have revealed to me throughout my adventure in Terramana and with the local population.

I feel connected, peaceful, stronger, welcoming life and the experiences that await me in Quebec, where I newly returned. I am nourished by the jungle, supported by my kinship, trusting in my destiny, listening to my deeper intuition. I am making the right choice for my spiritual growth. Quebec is waiting… I am on my way to discover it with new eyes. Loving eyes.

In Terramana, I have experienced true heartfelt connections, family, authenticity, simplicity, community, sharing, joy, bliss, emotional and physical health, spiritual connections, felt inspired, participated in many healing workshops and much much more. There are also days where things had a coating of cloudy emotions, but at the end of the day when the cloud passed, I feel I have grown from every single experiences and I am grateful… so grateful. Breathing deeply, relaxing, letting go, I am thanking life for this opportunity to live this incarnation and have shared these moments with you all creating paradise on earth Pacifée

Canada, 5 month experience

It is here! We have finally returned… there was a yearning within us to find the source of life on Earth, the humming of electricity and the rumbling of cars can only disturb. Those faint and distant glances of  city folk offer little hope of connection, yet it is our hearts that so deeply desire true affection.

Our journey ends at the edge of civilization, where Gaia still stands, a green guardian sentinel of the life force of these lands. Her presence beckons to the man allured by mystery and adventure, holding within her breast an organic fractal universe rich with splendor.  She does not find the need to speak with words, the jungle creatures chatter tirelessly as we emerge, from the world of the known and definable, into a space which by its very nature cannot be tamed.

Senses sharpened, our ears perk and eyes narrow, as we cautiously creep through the dense jungle. Ducking and weaving through metallic blue ferns and bone thick vines, hanging graciously amidst the towering tree tops. A fluttering insect grazes my ear and shoots away, somewhere deep and far away. I am no longer a center of attention, for this valley is grande and littered with stones, pebbles and sand. The trees cascade from far above, pressing humility into my blood. I recognize my place in the grande scheme of things.

A feeling of interconnection saturates and pervades my awareness. I close my eyes and to my awe a living slideshow of organic evolution unfolds for my attention. I perceive the tendrils of molecular life as it bristles and vibrates with living intensity. I feel myself rest within my true nature, one inseparable from the trees, bugs, and bees. The moss and lichen that gently thrive of the decaying bodies of the trees silently welcome me home – to the source of life, and to myself.

When did I forget this simple truth, that we are all one life force that needs no proof. Each gifted a role in a dynamic relationship of the ecosphere, balanced and harmonious, yet striving for greater expressions of itself. I am an extension of this living intention, to survive together and grow, to express the inner complexity and beauty that is inherent within my own awareness.

It is here my purpose can awaken, a heart felt knowing that cannot be shaken. Only life can support life. Our artificial goods cannot reproduce, the intoxicating taste of magoostine juice, fresh from the tree, a bosom of bees, here we breathe life as is our true destiny…



Australia, 3 months stay

I visited Terramana with my friend Nico in July 2015. What a magical place to be! Surrounded by nature, and feeling completely safe and taken care of by Lougaya and Dane.

A day could start with waking up to the sound of local wildlife and feeling the loving presence of your family-tribe. Then going for a swim in the pure river flowing next to the land, feeling nature’s nurturing touch as the cool water carreses you, and afterwards warming in the loving rays of the sun.

Food was usually eaten communally, and meals were started with a song and ritual of gratitude. All fruit was supplied by Lougaya and Dane, and the quality was amazing.

I look forward to visiting my family in the forest again in the future, and encourage all to go visit this beautiful place.


Australia, 2 weeks visit

As I was in a difficult step in my life, I went to travel, asking to the universe to give me what I needed the most… and I found Terramana. There, I met human beings sharing a lot of love, joy and wisdom. They welcomed me fully and guided me in a deep inner trip. Recreate the paradise suppose to face, accept and integrate our own hell. For me, Terramana has been a very helpful stage on this path.


France, 2 mounth stay

A Terramana, la dimension humaine et humaniste est présente à chaque instant qui passe. L’amour, la bienveillance, la relation à l’autre font partie intégrante du quotidien. Toutes les décisions sont prises en commun. On apprend sur soi, à se connaître pour s’aimer et aimer l’autre. C’est l’essence même de Terramana.

Aim'jie et Andre

6 months stay, new resident members

Meet Oiko (left) and Seve (right). These two beautiful angels created the project I have been a part of the past two and a half months. I feel such a deep, strong love and connection to them. Such a familiarity and comfort in their presence. Oiko has been eating raw food only for 35 years now and is completely stable in his practice. He follows simple guidelines and doesn’t overthink anything. I have learned so much already just being around him and truly feel following his path I personally (and anyone!) could eat raw food only with ease if felt the call to do so. Seve has eaten raw now for over 12 years, since she met Oiko! I feel with her a relationship like she was my sister. I can feel her deep care and love and concern for my well being and I feel the same towards her. I want to make sure she is okay and at ease in this journey. I have a strong sense that I have known her long before these moments we are sharing here now. With Oiko I feel like we are two best friends as little kids. Just laughing and telling stories, sharing experiences and opinions and truly enjoying the simple things each moment brings. We are very similar in many ways.
This picture was us today sharing durians and playing our game we play as we share them. The durians here in North Sumatra are superb by the way, especially the ones that along with the sweet flavor have accents of bitter and numb. Mmmmmmmmmm.
LoVe to you ALL ❤❤❤🌞


5 months stay