What we eat directly influences how we feel physically, emotionally and mentally. An adequate diet is therefore of vital importance to develop a radiant health, a harmonious emotional balance, as well as a quiet and stable mind.

Our diet also has a major impact on our environment and the aim is to preserve life at every level possible.

Consuming food as close as possible to its original state, which is raw, alive, unprocessed and organic, greatly facilitates the process of reconnection to our true Nature by infusing life force and clarity in all layers of our Being and also by preserving life around us.

While promoting a raw plant-based diet within the community, we remain open to some declinations and experiments related to the diversity of raw foodist culture on an individual basis.

In the community kitchen, only raw fruits, vegetables and nuts will be served and consumed.

To preserve a homogeneous and harmonious atmosphere among community members, it is essential that only raw food is consumed within the community and that the space remains free from drugs, alcohol and tobacco.