Currently, the space is organized with tarps and tents.

A bamboo house is under construction and the intention is to create several simple buildings made of wood, bamboo, leaves and natural materials.

The main material to build houses is bamboo which is found in abundance locally.

Shared spaces will include:

  • kitchen
  • yoga and meditation spaces
  • Shakti temple
  • chill out spaces…

In order to preserve and enhance the connection with Nature, a low-tech environment is preferable.

Since 2015 we also rent a villa in the village in front of the national park which serves as a base for the village services, to welcome newcomers, store our equipment and food, prepare us for our departures out of the country and facilitate our communications on the internet. It is also used for accomodation when it is needed.
When the participants stay one night or more in the villa, they can sleep in the collective room, the lounges and even outside on the terrace, under the roof of the old restaurant or in the garden. If they want a room with a private shower and toilet, they can rent one of the 2 rooms to the owner of the villa for 50 000 Indonesian rupees (or 1 room with 30 000 without shower and toilet).