Financial contribution :

We ask, from each person living with us, for a daily contribution to the project.
For this, we separate fixed costs and the subsistence costs.
We are requesting per day a contribution of 100 000 Indonesian rupees for fixed costs and a contribution of 80 000 Indonesian rupees for food costs.

Fixed costs are the legal costs of owning land in Indonesia and the costs of purchasing the equipment. For example, this include the constitution of our Indonesian NGO, notary fees, land use permits for personal development and reception of foreigners, various local and national taxes, rental of a villa and its garden in the village, working tools, the occasional hiring of local workers, etc. Each participant contributes to the sharing of fixed costs in view of building the present and the future of the community. Fixed costs are not fully covered and the co-founders take care of them. Our donations make this unique life experience possible at Terramana in an exceptional setting off the beaten track and allow the protection of the wilderness.

All the contribution for the food is spent at the market on Friday and during the week with the small producers or at some local dealers. We supply ourselves with varied, abundant and quality food according to the seasons (fruits, vegetables and raw leaves).
The contribution is paid in the currency of IDR. It is free for children under 3 years old. You may wish to calculate your personal budget to be sure to cover your Visa expenses, Internet usage and any other treasures/articles you may wish to acquire in your living here.

Along with this, if a participant works at Terramana for about 4 hours a day and 5 days a week, he is exempt from paying his contribution for food. He can choose the number of hours worked which are counted at the rate of 20,000 Indonesian rupees per hour. It is up to him to calculate it. It is encouraged that the participants self-manage their work time as we support each individual to respect their own timing and flow. For exemple, if during the week one does only 10 hours of communal work, he will participate of only 40 000IDR.
The work includes all the activities that stimulate the development of the community life like taking care of the garden, the dwellings, the maintenance of the hygiene of the camp or the house in the village, the transport of the food from the village to Terramana, the purchases of the food in the market, the creation of workshops such as yoga etc.. It also includes virtual activities on the web like to answering to the emails of the next participants or communicate on the web the existence of Terramana.

A long-term participant can become a partner and set up a financing structure to support Terramana. Thus, he could get full gratuity for his stay in the community (including visa fees). A participant-partner may also be eligible for scholarships or research contributing to the development of the community.