Durian greetings for new year 2015


To all of you children of Paradise,

Without knowing who you are, without knowing the time or the place when and where you are going to open this letter… today the breeze of a wild world comes to you.

Here is the sharing of one Terramana’s chapter that invites you to join us if you hear the calling within yourself :

The giggling monkeys are echoing in the hills of our trees celebrating life as the day rises.

The night still remembers the heavy “booms” of durians that are hidden all over the land. The golden morning light awakes our life impulse, stimulating us to get out of the hammock to go pick them up.

So small, under these giant trees, we walk in the ferns searching like children who seek Easter chocolate eggs.

From little buds to full maturity fruits, durians have fascinated us and help us to understand this sacred relationship between Humanity and its nourishing food.

Yesterday, we got 45… ! How much for today ? With enthusiasm, we pile them up. Laure just counted 92 fruits!

And let the feast begin!

Pacifée, fingers blackened since long by cuts from thick, rough and irregular durian’s husk, persists to open them one after the other with an art that knows how to honor them.

Each fruit has its own taste and one can assume that all the best desserts of the world are searching in vain to reproduce this divine combination of flavors.

We laugh at ourselves recognizing ourselves in two words: “Gemuk” and “Kurus” from the ¨Indonesian Bahasa¨ language that we find more and more amusing.

The Gemuk (thick and fleshy) will eat 10 durians a day, morning and evening tirelessly throughout the season. Let’s admit that there are several amongst us… As for the Kurus (thin and skinny), they start up thinking they won’t keep up but soon discover an appetite and surprisingly sometimes surpass even the Gemuk!

All together, we are rolling all over mats in cascades of laughter and tears of joy, feeling nourished by one of the best food on planet earth.

Living a great moment in our life history that has blessed us with this opportunity to regenerate our cells, giving us full vitality, a high of awareness and strengthen our connection with the great “Alive”.

Durians and everything we eat, the potent air charged with mountain ozone that we breath, the constant melody of the jungle, the moist that is wrapping us, brings us back to a harmony that everyone experiences differently but beautifully.

The numerous secrets of Terramana are revealed slowly, one after the other.

They are rooted in an intimate experience that does not hesitate to place us right in front the mirror of Truth, to strip us of our arrogance and to break our individualism.

Returning to Paradise is going back to our true nature with the humility to recognize our weaknesses and knowing how to give ourselves in each daily action.

Spirituality finds its meaning in this search to restore our Natural equilibrium, simple joy, naive openness, inborn confidence and individual freedom.

We like to recognize ourselves in an energetic, lighthearted being with a multitude of resources embracing our highest Destiny.

Creating Paradise is building a community of people who have the strength and the fire to overcome the tempting influence of their own ego, committing themselves entirely to the realization of this dream.

Thank you Tao, the first participant, for your determination to realize your full potential ;

Thank you Angie, we are grateful for you, for expressing the vibration of Taoist teaching ;

Thank you Jean Michel, we are grateful for you, our eldest brother for your beautiful child candor ;

Thank you Maya, we are grateful for you, for your scientific lights on our innocent intuitions ;

Thank you Pacifee, we are grateful for you, for your great influence on our jungle paradise culture and your unconditional commitment to Terramana ;

Thank you Megan, we are grateful for you, for your faithful devotion and love for perfection ;

Thank you David, we are grateful for you, to have contributed to structure and to launch the project ;

Thank you Christina, we are grateful for you, for your openness to carry into action your truth ;

Thank you Padme, we are inspired by you, our loving guru baby ;

Thank you Agathe, we are grateful for you, for helping all of us to expand our horizons ;

Thank you Laure, we are grateful for you, for your joy of living by nature and willingness to carry out Terramana ;

Thank you, Sève, we are grateful for you, for your amazing brainwaves ;

Thank you Oïko, we are grateful for you, for your dedication to awaken Paradise around and in each one of us.

Let us be proud to be amongst the first pioneers leading the way for those of tomorrow. Seedlings of Mamey sapote, Rollinia, white star Apple, yellow Mangosteen, Safu and Abiu are growing in our plant nursery to yield their fruits for you, those of the future.

If your intuition whispers to you saying this is where you need to be then a tremendous journey is waiting for you.

Oh Terramana …, Terima Kasih baniak !

All of us will forever be transformed by your Divine Seal.

Sampai jumpa lagi,

The Terramana Tribe

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