The core group of Terramana and the abundance of durians, summer 2014
Terramana is a non-profit organization based in Geneva, Switzerland, with a foreign branch active in Sumatra, Indonesia.

The organization is pursuing the following aims :

  • Develop and sustain ethno biological gardens
  • Plant fruit trees and rare species
  • Develop and protect botanical bio diversity
  • Reforest and recreate natural environments
  • Protect primary forests, natural environments and water like creek, stream, river…
  • Develop, promote, research, teach natural ways to eat directly from nature
  • Provide education on health, spirituality and ecology
  • Gather knowledge related to traditional medicine
  • Discover and protect unknown wild medicinal plants
  • Develop healthy and sustainable natural habitat
  • Develop peaceful and sustainable models for living together
  • Help human beings to reconnect with nature
  • Preserve traditional knowledge and technology and adapt them to environment

To reach its goals, Terramana organizes courses, workshops, retreats and various events and produces books, e-books, audio and video products, handcrafts, natural products…