A calling from the jungle

A calling from the jungle

Selamat datang, Apa kabar semua?

Soul brothers and sisters,

You are opening on your computer, a letter, composed in the jungle using a piece of drifted bark to write upon.

We are deeply excited to share with you how our life to this point has been on Terramana. A little over three months ago now, we connected once more with our land, a big hevea (rubber) plantation (from 5 to 10 hectares) bordering the jungle in North Sumatra, Indonesia.

We are currently a humble tribe of eight big hearted, earth-minded people gathered together here to give life to this project.

A thousand fruit trees were planted on this land from 2001/2003, and about 200 to 300 have grown awaiting our return. We feel a gentle calling to deliver them some extra sunlight and loving attention, to encourage them to bare and share their fruits.

We are living the ages of pioneers, rainbow style in tarp camps, tents and hammocks. There’s something so rewarding about living a simple life in nature!

Ipul, our dear “jungle brother” is working on creating the first house on our land using our own home grown bamboo. At present, he is finishing off the roofing.

Beyond the houses, it is foremost the culture of Terramana that we are building together. We are cultivating an atmosphere of love, by cooperating and co-existing in a joyful, light hearted way. It is with the enthusiasm of big children that we are moving forward in our project. Just recently to our great amazement and excitement, we were gifted, after a heavy rainfall, the perfect drifting wood from our bordering river to be used as the first step into our beautiful bamboo abode.

We still hold the need to deeper our connection with this land, to better understand her and to truly feel her heart beat.

Here, we are in another dimension. It takes us time to immerse ourselves and fully adapt. Each day sees us stretching further from the civilised world, and closer to our natural inner beings. A succession of revelations are transforming and awakening us, assisting our evolution into a higher degree of consciousness. Some participants may experience periods of complete bliss, and each of us, in our unique ways, are embarking upon a deep healing process, plunging spontaneously into meditation as we feel called.

Often while some are active, enthusiastically transporting earth to create the new yoga space, others are taken, immobile, sitting on a rock, contemplating the flowing river.

Everything brings us back to the raw reality of life that is surrounding us and ever present. We are living with the storm, rebirthing with the sun, aligned with the cycle of day and night. We are surrendering to the forces of the earth that are stronger than all, and sweep away old habits born in the artificial world from where we grew up.

Immersion in this grand nature can become so overwhelming that sometimes some of us like to return to the world we know, in the comfort of the hotel room we are renting in the village. Soon it will be a little house that will serve as home base.

Only a few workshops have been undertaken/implemented this far, maybe because Terramana herself is sufficient alone to offer the greatest teachings of our lives. We have however held a few ceremonies; we have been initiated to the meditation Brahma Nirvana; discovered the “mind shifting” workshop; interpreted some dreams and have experiences some inspiring spiritual downloads.

Many of us no longer hold the desire to return to civilization, experiencing the total blossoming of the internal and external paradise, placing the stones one after another.

David, Christina and their toddler recently joined us and enriched our little group with other expertise and wisdom, such as advanced yoga. Maybe you too, who are reading this will also feel the calling to be amongst us, to come and share your beauty.

At the present moment, Terramana is bearing very little fruits, though her many flowering trees behold the promise of a bountiful harvest in the months to come. Furthermore, we are gradually beginning to identify the wild edible plants of the jungle.

Twice a week, most of us take the journey back into the village to load up on fresh fruits and veggies from the local market. We then saddle up with backpacks filled 10-20 kilos of fresh goodies, ready to venture the hour’s walk back to our serene sanctuary. Even if the path may at times prove strenuous, we smile as the beads of sweat roll from our beaming bodies, singing joyfully in harmony.

We now have an official status as an NGO based in Geneva, Switzerland, with the intention to establish a branch in Indonesia to support our status as an ethno-botanical garden. An Internet website is also in the works, check it out for yourself at www.terramana.org. We will post updated pictures, testimonies and community news in the upcoming months.

We receive a minimum contribution of 90 000 indonesian rupiah per day (equivalent to 5/6 euros), per participant. This covers the expenses of food and helps to keep the project running. We are grateful to accept donations that continue to cover the extra costs.

At this time, we enjoy a vast and delicious variety of fresh produce. This includes, but is not limited to Avocados, Chico Sapote, Sour Sop, Snake Fruit, Langsat, Passion Fruit, Sugar Cane, Watermelon, Tangerine, Pineapple, Papaya, Tomatoes, Jicama, a dozen varieties of Bananas, some vegetable such as the famous “Nasi Nasi”, coconuts, sprouted peanuts and black Sesame that we manually crush using our muscle-powered poppy seed grinder.

Back in Terramana, we are keenly awaiting the arrival of our Durian and Mangosteen season! Our trees are adorned with many joyful baby fruits. We are lead to believe that hundreds of fruits shall reach full maturity in the coming months especially in July/ August.

If you are inspired to join our community when the time feels right for you, and share in our magical moments at Terramana, please write to us at our new e-mail address (contact@terramana.org). We encourage people to stay a minimum of one month in order to truly feel Terramana’s spirit. Your heart can then take the lead, and determine how long you desire to be physically with us.

Beyond the jungle, it’s foremost the human adventure that we are exploring. We are learning to give the best of ourselves, to be there for others first, and spread the abundance of our individual qualities, washing away our smaller selves consumed by our own interests. We are immensely rewarded by the profound satisfaction of belonging to a passionate group that join forces to cultivate the most nourishing fruit of this world, LOVE!

Sampai jumpa!

Oïko, Sève, David, Christina (and baby Padmé), Laure, Pacifée and Megan…